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Walmart family mobile is a ripoff. I purchased two Samsung galaxy s2, at $330 apiece, and for one the service is HORRABLE.

Dropped call after dropped call, I bet 10 times a day I will call someone, they pickup because the timer starts on phone, but it's silent. U can't hear them, then can't hear u. And when someone Calles u, same thing. I almost got fired over this because my boss could never et ahold of me.

I call customer service, and they are idiots. It's not a real customer service. There isn't really one for the phones. My charging thing on my phone broke, a month after I had it, i couldn't return it, the lady on the phone said to purchase insurance on the new be I Had to pay full price for, the lady behind the counter had no idea what I was talking about.

They service area socks. It shows I'm in perfect service area, but I'm not. I'm pursuing legal action not only for me but everyone. This is a scam, they are crooks, better business knows, and they don't agree with them either.

We have to voice our opinions people. BE HEARD!!

Review about: My Family Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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The worst Wireless Service ever! I had recently terminated my pay-as-you go plan, and after paying $37.00 they continued to bill me for $11.50 and some bogus charge.

I contacted a foreign customer service agent, and to no avail.

They insisted they have reserve the right to extract charges from my account. I

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