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Don't buy a phone from Walmart under the Family Mobile Cell plan. Bought 3, totaling $500 on the plan.

The T-Mobile Concord worked for 20 days. Blown off completely by youngsters behind the counter, manager agreed with them and told me to call T-Mobile. T-Mobile disavows anything related to the Walmart plan. The phone is the T-Mobile Concord.

The people behind the counter were condescending. A phone purchased at Walmart as a 15 day warranty. Any phone purchased anywhere else would have a better warranty and service. It's a shame that Walmart is now losing a good customer over this "blow off".

Monthly "pay as you go" programs are a good way to balance your cost; however, but buy your plan from a reputable phone dealer directly. They are very willing to help you in a crunch. WalMart says "call T-Mobile", T-Mobile says you have to contact "WalMart Family Mobile". No one wants any responsibility for dealing a with WalMart problem.

Not even a store manager will be help you with a phone related problem 4 days past 15.

Do you yourself a favor and don't buy the WalMart edition of any phone plan. They are a great retailer but should "NOT" be in this line of business.

It will cost them in the long run as their personnel are not qualified to sell them, help you, or provide the customer service necessary to sell these phones. A phone this new, without any damage, that still looks new should be consideration for replacement especially when the consumer is paying $45 per month for the service.

Review about: My Family Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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So i bought a family mobile samsung phone to use with my tmobile service & these idiots wont give me the unlock code so i can use phone on tmo. Some bs about needing on there network for 40 days first.

So lets see i need to pay 30 or 40 for almost 2 months just to get this 20 phone unlocked.

Im filing a complaint with the fcc, ftc, bbb & my local state attorney general office. Please contact me asap!!!!


Awful awful awful coverage, as in WASTE OF MONEY - completely useless. Almost never got decent data coverage out of wifi range, not even from my work office - maybe once out of 10 times I'd actually get coverage and I use my phone for work social media accounts.

Now apparently I still need to pay them about $65 after I cancelled the one line. Virgin mobile had my number ported within minutes and I almost always have coverage, same price.

Can't believe I waited so long. Stay away..


I purchased the phone and plan from Walmart. I live within a mile from the store.

Seldom do I have even one bar of service.

It is useless much of the time.

When going into the next town a few miles away, I cannot use it to make a call or text. Worthless POS.

Often I have to dial the number multiple times before I can make a call. It just beeps once and nothing.

My crappy old flip phone was more reliable. Walmart needs to get out of the phone business!

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #995752

Customer service is rude as heck. Horrible!


I got the ZTE ZMAX. Its a great phone.

Walmart family mobile coverage sucks, if you try to use it on long interstate trips.

It doesn't like being in a house, especially the basement. Works OK in major cities, but calls sometimes just don't go thru.


This review isn't even about the service. Its about you not being happy with the hardware.

to *** #1040660

its actually about customer service you walmart represenetive

Encino, California, United States #903843

headsup.any 4g tmobile phone will work on family mobile and you will also get the 4g instead opf 3g.you get three g cause the walmart phones are caped.i have note3 and get 4g all day long and only pay 45month.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #867852

Family Mobile was brand new when I started using it. I worked for WalMart at the time.

We weren't trained in it at all, and all of the information I had was stuff I figured out myself. The service though has been fantastic. Never a dropped call. Never a bad internet connection.

Any time I've had issues, calling Family Mobile (though the hold times are pretty bad like any other cell company) has always resolved it within a few minutes of getting someone on the line. My first phone with them is still going strong (I gave it to my sister and upgraded to an S2) and the S2 was going well until two days ago when a power surge hit my computer which it was plugged into, and I guess my computer sent the whole surge to my phone. I'd rather buy a new $100 phone than a new $1000 computer anyway. No biggie.

I completely agree that most of the people who work in the connection center at walmart are fairly unwilling to help.

I was the only one who would even sell Family Mobile phones when I worked there until they had me train everyone else. Just depends on the store you go to.

to Mallos31 Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1110504

Tmobile gers to my call asap..no long wait times


I wanted to save a few bucks, so I switched from Tmobile to Family Mobile. I looked at the LG 90 FamilyMobile phone that was packaged like it had everything you would need to get up and running on Family Mobile.

After showing the Hastings, MN Wal Mart Associate the phone I wanted (LG90)along side my exisitng Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S, I asked if I needed anything else get up and running including getting my pics & contact numbers transferred and he said no. Well it turns out, I had to go back and buy additional "pack" & sim card, then again for the right size sd card (micro vs. standard). Not the end of the world but, I was left with the feeling that the associates know nothing abouth the Family Mobile phones or plan.

I quickly discovered one needs to become somewhat techy/phone savy as the Family Mobile phone was not set up for their service as you have to update the VPNs for pic msgs and such. The same Wal Mart could not get my pic msgs to work, I finally found a techy in another Wal Mart that was able to get the settings right. 3 weeks later my LG 90's phone touch screen sensitivity went out out (through no fault of my own). I would have up to 20-30 attempts of swiping across the screen just to unlock the phone.

Wal Mart offers no assistance other than that it is LG's problem. I cited the Associate told me Wal Mart covers the product for 90 days with receipt. It turns out in actuality, it is 15 days on cell phones. I ended up having to pay another $20 for the shipping to LG and it took them 5 weeks to get it back to me.

Now I have to go through all the pic msg VPN settings again because they won't work. I have tried multiple time and cannot get it up and running. I checked the Family Plan website and they only give generic instructions encompassing all Android phones. This is soooooo not worth the $25/month I saved.

Even though it is supposed to run through the Tmobile Network.

I can be literally standing under a tower that at one time gave me full strength with my Tmobile Galaxy S, but only have 2-3 bars with the Family Mobile Phone. I use to have 2-3 bars in my office, but now I have to step outside if I want to have a conversation.




If you leave Family Mobile be prepared to pay the full month if if you only use 2 weeks. They cancel your account so you can no longer long into your account to view your past history and their customer service is outsourced and you can barely hear them and they are not helpful.

I am so glad that I switched to a different company.

Much happier. Won't mention the name but you should be able to find them if you look.


Their lifeline program simply does not exist! Try it and see.

I've written to them, talked to them on the phone(their customer service rep. couldn't download an application), tried to download an application and tried to get to a page that I could fill one out online, and got an error page, that internet explorer couldn't access that page. The program doesn't exist, but they are saying that it does?

False advertising. Lying


Worst purchase experience in my lifetime. They did not have the phone that I wanted at the Florin Walmart in Sacramento, so he called and verified that they had it available in the Rancho Cordova Store- this call took 30 min- while they kept putting him on hold.

Then he said he would do the activation there, and send me to Rancho Cordova with the SIM card. He tried to enter the information in their computer- it kept clocking and would let him enter the information. FINALLY- after 4 attempts, he called to have it activated. After spending a lifetime there, I finally left for a 30 min drive to the Rancho Cordova store.

When I got there- they said they did not have that phone. When I did the activation at the first store, he told me it would take a day or two for the activation to go thru, but in the meantime, my original cell phone would work. So I picked up my cell phone to call the first store- to find my phone had been terminated (one hour later- not 1 or 2 days). I asked the Wal Mart employee at the second store if I could use his phone to call the other store.

He tried calling and was put on hold and gave the phone to me- I was on hold another 35 minutes-every once in awhile somebody would check to see if I was still on hold- but still could not get anyone in the cell phone department to answer. I never did get thru and had to drive back to the original store to cancel- only to find that in my totally stressed and angry state of mind- I had lost the SIM card somewhere along the way- probably leaving it at the counter at the Wal Mart 2. Mart.

This resulted in another 35 min call, while he tried to call back to WalMart #2 store- and again- nobody in the Department answers- and by this time we both had to leave. FINALLY- got contract cancelled.

to Cell Experience From *** #816108

Were you able to get a refund for the $25 sim card?


I have Wal-Mart Family Mobile (2 lines), and after a year with them I have to say that by and large I am satisfied. This is NOT a pay as you go service, like some people have said on this site - this is a no contract plan meaning you still have to pay your bill each month or you will get your service suspended, you're just not bound by a costly 2 year or more contract.

You can upgrade your devices if need be, but they have a limited selection and you need to do research to see if your choice is compatible. IF you have an unlocked GSM, you can purchase the SIM card for $25 and activate your own phone, just do not expect all the fancy bells and whistles like you get when you go to one of the carriers directly. I bought 2 Samsung Galaxy SII's which were pricey, but are all around good phones. Yes, their customer service center is in Bangladesh or India or some other third world country, but so are 90% of the call centers for other companies that operate in the world.

Remember, you get what you pay for! Their service is through TMobile, but you only get 250MG of service monthly, and the lowest tier with TMobile is 500MG.

RESEARCH what you are getting into! Read reviews on CNET or other internet blogs.

Know how to properly use your device.

Purchasing a cut rate plan that piggy backs off another carrier will save you cash but there is always the possibility that there are going to be problems. If you expect to get the customer service, and device service of the bigger cell companies, get a plan with them!


i am super irritated as well with the customer service for tmobile family plan.AS WELL AS THEY LACK OF RESPONSE TO THE PROBLEM!! I purchased a phone for my youngest son( added on a 2nd line to the account ) and promptly returned it in under 24 hours cancelling out the service and returning the phone.

Low and behold i can charged for the 2nd line for 2 solid months in a row .. doubling the price for the bill. No one in the store,, eiether at the customer service desk or at the walmart phone center can help . what a JOKE.

i called the 611 # and got a call center with NO HELP eiether. They told me to EMAIL for help.. and 3 weeks later ZERO reponse. At this rate / .im heading back to tmobile.

Because honestly . walmart family mobile has ZERO customer service ZERO>


I purchased a Walmart Family Mobile service in June 2013. I requested the lifeline application and was told that I qualified, and then told that I did not qualify upon faxing information to them concerning the program, they asked for too much personal information that had nothing to do with the program.

I consulted with the supervisor and was told that they would look into it, but as of today nothing has been done to accommodate me for my inconvenience. As of 8/21/2013 I called the Family Mobile office and talked to a broken English person and told him that I am cancelling my plan with Family Mobile. My bill is due on 8/23/13 I asked if I can cancel today, I was told I will have to wait until 9/4/13 I ask why and was told that it is my closing date and that they will be billing me another statement. Don't ever purchase a plan from FAMILY MOBILE and don't think that you will get any discount through the Lifeline Program because you probably will not.

You can't pay your bill with them except online or at the store where there is a fee for paying. You can't pay your bill through your bank.


to Princess #842575

I agree ... just transferred my services to T-Mobile ...

and yes I had them before and there was never a problem w/ Billing or service . To bad , that they let use Walmart their name . Family mobile charged my credit card twice ( I got confirmations and statements printed from their website) and after I complained and ask to straight it out (spoke to 4 people) "john" the "supervisor" made up a story that the first time pmt was refused for "no-sufficient" founds (I have a printed payment statements) and after 3 weeks they add $25.00 of penalty...... I' m not kidding.

My credit card is disputing the double payment and I'm going to report the $25.00 too. Oh, I should cancel this service long time ago. We bought 2 smart phones at Walmart - we suppose to get $ 100.00 back for each one in 10 $20.00 credits on the monthly bill. We got only 100.00 back and the customer service in India -reading scripts was sending us to T-Mobile for rest.

That is when I found up that T-Mobile let the Walmart use their network only (like Cricket runs on AT&T) network.

I'm going to report this to Better B.B. They only after people money and their CS works as good as get pay....

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