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I am a sprint customer, but had to get my samsung phone repaired so I went to Walmart to get temp service and phone. About a month later I no longer needed the service and I had an unnoticed bill so I owed for two months.

Then came the fun!!! You can only cancel by phone or going into Walmart. Who wants to go into Walmart anymore - it is a wasteland with customer service gaps a mile wide. So I called...turns out that every time you call they charge you a $5 service fee for cancelling.

I made my full payment and then had to wait one more month to fully cancel the service (mysterious, but I went along with this). Next call to finally cancel there is an additional $10 charge. Why, I ask the rep? She talks me in circles until I just pay it...good riddance!

But no, a month later I get a bill for the $5 for the call I made to make my final payment!!!! The same day I got a refund debit card from T-Mobile for $5, but I still owed $5 somehow...don't ask. When I called the service rep to complain, he told me about the fee everytime you do a phone transaction. I could pay over the phone, but he would have to charge me another $5!!!

Or I could go into the store and pay the $5 and only have to pay an $.88 service charge! OMG!!! I hung up...Walmart used to be an amazing store of values and selection, it is now a total shambles and has contracted to have this phone service with a company or their own business unit that has no idea what Sam Walton was trying to do. I am so sad for Walmart and the dream Sam Walton had of bringing value to working people.

This kind of nickle and diming strategy with TOTAL EVIL User Experience is the only thing that could cause me to spend ADDITIONAL time to tell the world not to support Walmart or Family Mobile until they get their act together. Shame on you Walmart Executive Team for not caring!

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment at My Family Mobile. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $100 and wants My Family Mobile to "end my service with no further payments - i have paid in full already!".

The most disappointing in user's experience was pathetic family mobile service and payment servicing. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Ventura, California, United States #1126046

Well...The service connection is very poor in my area, but it worked if I walked outside. I dropped the phone tonight and it is really dead.

Figured..OK...just do another service.

Now I am reading all these horror stories. Went into my account and cancelled the direct payment, but am braced for the *** to come...hahaha.

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