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There were absolutely no issues when I first signed up with FamilyMobile , however, now that they have switched to TracFone, it has been nothing but consistent problems. I am extremely unhappy, as is my mom, who is also has a plan.

First off, there were no notifications communicated that they were switching, you were on your own to find out and that was not until it actually happened. That was the first error of unprofessionalism. I have had consistent billing issues, where I have prepaid the plan and then they send me something saying it is fixing to be past due. On one occasion, they charged me for two plans, under an automatic withdrawal, which I had never signed up for, and then 45 minutes later, I finally got that straightened out, only to find out two days later, they deactivated the phone because they said they bill wasn't paid.

I paid the bill early, WHILE I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes trying to get their mistake cleared up. Before TracFone, you had options to set time limits and days on your device. You were able to block numbers from coming to your device.

There is none of this with TracFone. I am so unsatisfied with the new service, I am considering leaving FamilyMobile.

Reason of review: Many issues since switching to TracFone.

Preferred solution: Switch back to strictly TMobile.

I didn't like: Poor service all the way around, Absolutely dissatisfied with the tracfone service.

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If you are on the free service all I can say is GOOD luck@

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